January 20, 2011

F#$*( Yeah High Expectations Asian Father

Either Chinese Moms really are everybody everywhere but you, you lazy, bad, gwai louh parent--or Tiger Mom's got some 'splainin' to do. Like, during her kids' 8-hour forced piano marches, was Amy Chua just cold hitting reload on High Expectations Asian Father?


There's even a YouTube channel about this stuff: KevJumba's What We HATE About Each Other.


Which happens to be the working title of Chua's kid's book pitch.

High Expectations Asian Father [tumblr via dt senior ethnoparenting correspondent micah]


Credit to boingboing a few months ago for bringing it to my attention.

Senior ethnoparenting correspondent? Sniff. I've been replaced! ;-P

But dude, you're High Expectations Asian Dadblogger!

LOL. I don't know about that.

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