January 18, 2011

Renate Müller Schnecke


To be filed under "eBay items I didn't win because holy crap, this old Renate Müller snail-on-casters sold for 817 euros!"


Far be it from me to tell Germans how to run their language, but doesn't it make more sense for "snail" to be "Schnell," instead of "Schnecke"? And yet schnell is the exact opposite. Crazy, right?


Kind of makes you wonder, too, what other burlap treats from Ms. Müller's long, productive career haven't made the Andy Spade cut. Better get yourself set up on eBay Deutchland, schnell!

Sitztier Schnecke - Renate Müller - DDR Design, sold for EUR817 [ebay.de via stork bites man]

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