January 18, 2011

Echolilia By Eli & Timothy Archibald


When his son Eli was five and driving him and his wife nuts, photographer Timothy Archibald tried to make sense of his tantrum-filled world by photographing it. His photos of Eli's notes and creations evolved into an inventive collaboration, brief photoshoots where father and son worked to create something together. In the midst of the three year project, they got Eli's diagnosis along the Autism Spectrum, which adds another dimension to the images that already seem to capture the perceptual experience of childhood. Childhood is already a spectrum of its own.

Anyway, sudden bursts of media attention--photos from Echolilia, the limited edition book the duo published last fall, were featured on the NY Times Lens blog. And Archibald did an interesting, candid interview with photoblogger Colin Pantall about the project and how it fits into his work and his family's life. The Times post talks about what, and Colin's post talks about why and how.

Great stuff. Just really insightful, closely observed, fascinating work.

Interview with Timothy Archibald [colinpantall via conscientious]
Son and Father Pierce Autism's Veil [nyt]
Echolilia: Sometimes I Wonder is published in a signed second edition of 30 for $125 [timothyarchibald.com]

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