January 18, 2011

Dadwagon Babyswings For The Fences

Duck, there's another babyswinging video coming out of the Inscrutable East! And this time Dadwagon's there to catch it.

A couple of years ago, a vaguely Russian-seeming babyswinging video made a splash onto YouTube--and got the guy who uploaded it in Australia arrested for child abuse. [Laughable until you realize it took almost a year and like $15,000 in lawyers' fees before the Australian mullahs dropped the charges.]

lena_fokina_dadwagon.jpgWell, thanks to Dadwagon's Man In Russia, more or less, we now know that this babyswinging thing is not just limited to a few WTFistani carnival folk; it's a bonafide, alternative fitness trend.

Call it "extreme developmental gymnastics" or "Baby Yoga," Nathan actually scored an interview with Ukranian-by-way-of-Egypt family fitness guru and viral video star Lena Fokina [left, putting a couple of newborns through a nunchuck-like regimen.] There's video, and an exclusive photogallery, too. Which you'll want to close if your Child Services caseworker is coming over.

The only question that remains unanswered--besides, of course, WTF??-- is how much Neal Pollack paid these Soviet babyswingers to upload their two-year-old video the week he flogs his dad&son yoga book? I want the pravda, Alternadad!

DadWagon Q&A: Exclusive Interview with Baby Yoga's Lena Fokina
I know it says "published Aug, 20, 2010," but! Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude [amazon]
See? Yoga for Dads? Starring Neal Pollack [dadlabs]

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I was always warned not to swing the very young for fear of dislocating their shoulders. Mine went many times when I was wee, and by gum I'm paying for it now.

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