January 18, 2011

Born At CBGB


Wow, DT reader DT is right: there sure are a lot of kids in the photos Brooke Smith took on the 1980s New York hardcore scene.


If you were born on the Bowery while your parents were waiting to get into CBGB's Sunday Matinee, what are you doing now? Because I really want to know.

Brooke Smith's Old New York Hardcore Photos, via Tim Barber [streetbonersandtvcarnage thanks dt reader dt]


i was a CBGB baby, but i'm older and my dad was into punk/art punk not hardcore. i did see the dead kennedys when i was around 7 though. my first sunday matinee on my own was in the early 90's. i think i came out pretty normal, although my 2 year old requests X, the dead milkmen, and devo every morning.

sounds idyllic

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