January 17, 2011

Oh, Suzuki Beane

Hipster families are all alike; every unhipster family is also.


And thus it is that reading a looseleaf Xerox scan of Suzuki Beane, the Eloise-style beatnik parody of 1960 Greenwich Village parenting, reminded me of Tolstoy.


And The Breakfast Club. Because we are all the hipsters. The artists. The squares. The Ivies. The snobs. The progressives. The reactionaries. The poseurs. The Fauxhemians who spell Bleecker wrong the whole way through. The hack mystery writers who sell off the rights to the only remotely interesting-sounding character we've ever created, so that it can be turned into an awful, "updated" sellout of a character on deeply unprofound Ziggy-meets-Far-Side knockoff desktop calendars.


Actually, unless you're Sandra Scoppettone, the original author of Suzuki Beane, you're off the hook for the last two.

Suzuki Beane scanned [scribd.com via boingboing]
Buy the long out-of-print 1961-2 editions of Suzuki Beane [amazon]
The Official Suzuki Beaneā„¢ Website [winvisual]


illustrations by the Harriet the Spy artist, inspirer of a jillion literary-girl tattoos!

d'oh, nice catch. I'll watch out for some the next time I take the Chinatown bus.

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