January 12, 2011

That Guy From Blues Clues Totally Dodged A Baby Bullet


He launched an entire network and changed the way a generation of toddlers interacted with their televisions.


But being a disembodied animated face doesn't alter the future for a washed up TV star; it only delays it. And sure enough, here's Nick Jr's Face doing infomercials for the most unfortunately named baby food processor in the world, the Baby Bullet.


You wanna save $59.97 on homemade baby food? Draw a smiley face on your Cuisinart. [mybabybullet.com via a surely-regretting-it publicist]

1 Comment

I always made my little devil's food in a sturdy blender on set on 'puree'.

Of course my personal crusade against a 'gadgety' kitchen means that I only have three powered small appliances; popcorn air popper, blender (margaritas) and a Dualit toaster.

Sixty bucks for a 1 cup blender is just mental. I don't care HOW smiley the face on it is.

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