January 5, 2011

Just Don't Fold It


I really do try to keep a cone of silence around the kids' school, but this morning in K2's pre-school dropoff line, I just couldn't resist.

I mean, if you don't want me to blog about your natural solution to the whole, "folding a Bugaboo is awkward" problem, then don't be in front of me. amiright?


I'm pretty sure Bugaboos are driving Land Rover and Suburban sales, as well, it's just harder to see the stroller when it's not in an open bed. I've seen unfolded Bugaboos coming out of LR3s at Wave Hill many a time.

Just think: An oversized stroller with a poorly-engineered folding mechanism is generating the sales of gas- and space-hogging luxury SUVs. And to their owners, it all makes sense, because the stuff is crazy expensive.

Why not leave the thing vertical? That way nothing falls out of the basket. You could even leave the kid in it.

Also, if they didn't want their truck showing up on their blog, they wouldn't have paid for that vanity plate. jk.

Dude, I have tossed my unfolded Bob revolution in the back of the F150 in a pinch. Just set the giant parking brake, and you are good to go! It is worth it just to see the horrified look on pedestrians faces as the strain to see if there is indeed a kid riding back there, Granny Clampett style.

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