January 5, 2011

DT Wednesday WTF

You know what, sometimes there are just too many WTF's in a day to post them all separately:

  • So minivan marketers say sales are up and minivans are supposedly cool now, because what, the Swagger Wagon ads? The redesigned Odyssey? The conveniently forgotten fact that auto sales plummeted a couple of years ago? [nyt, thanks dt reader rolf]

  • The whole Lancet vaccine autism fabricated data bullshit pharma-funded panic story has been turned into a novel-length open-access medical journal article. [bmj]

  • Tom Ford, Carine Roitfeld, I don't care if you tailored the cuffs on my Gucci wedding suit pants by hand using a platinum needle and the threads from your own vicuna socks; you are both skeevy, amoral D-bags for running that 6-yo whores fashion shoot in Paris Vogue. [gawker]

  • And though I can't find out the model of that tarted up pedal car in the shoot, I do know that the French toy store you borrowed it from, Au Nain Bleu, also sells The Dareway, aka the stupidest, head-crackinest kid-sized Segway knockoff the world has ever seen. [au nain bleu]

That's all.

Wait, there's one more thing: we have apparently gotten ourselves stuck in a chocolate milk predicament, where the kids pitch a fit or just don't drink milk unless it has "light chocolate" in it. So yeah, it'd be nice to get over that, but in the mean time, we're mitigating by using barely a teaspoon, one tiny squirt, of Hershey's Light syrup, which is just water, sugar, and fructose, instead of the regular syrup, which is made from HFCS and BPA or whatever.

So the WTF is not so much the childhood obesity thing, because the kids really can't stand chocolatier milk that the milk pushers are pushing. The problem is holy crap, you let those cups sit in the sink for even an hour or two, and those things start to REEK. With or without that organic supermilk with the weeks-away expiration date, it is utterly, instantly rancid. What is in that stuff? Am I really supposed to wash dishes the second the kid puts the cup down?

OK, that is all.


*My* minivan is cool because it has silver stars on it. I think they are pretty dull in general, though.

Milk: Haven't noticed this problem, so I would guess it's due to oral bacteria from your kids that get into the cup of milk during the drinking process, accelerated due to the sugar. Next time you make some, make a little extra that will remain untouched, then compare reeks after a few hours.

Ovaltine? The good kind, not the American version.

We live on the Alaska chocolate syrup from who foods.

We got stuck in that chocolate milk rut once. "Unfortunately," one day we "ran out" and it was the weirdest thing, but I kept "forgetting" to buy more, or the store was always "sold out" of it! After a few weeks, she stopped asking.

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