January 3, 2011

The Auction Of Misfit Toys


There are a few interesting kid-related things in Rago's schedule-filling, warehouse-clearing auction next weekend:

Lot 130 is a kid-sized Thonet rocking chair with a couple of reeds sticking up from the woven seat and a random side table thrown in for free [or to goose the $400-600 estimate, anyway.]

Lot 171, unhelpfully titled "Machine Age," is a bunch of vintage chrome furniture being pulled along by an Anthony Bros. CONVERT-O aluminum tricycle [est. $500-700, which could net out real nice if you can unload the chairs on craigslist or whatever.]

Lot 432 is a classic Nanna Ditzel teak high chair, the open variation, no surprises there [also $400-600 est.]

And then there's Lot 206, an odd flock of Kay Bojesen toy ducks, and four monkeys with at least seven arms among them. A little "parts is parts," and a little Island of Dr. Moreau [est. $500-700].

Rago Dicovery Auction, Jan. 14, 2011 [ragoarts.com]

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I have a good story for those of you who have a damaged Bojesen piece. I purchased a vintage Bojesen monkey for my wife on ebay at a good price but in pieces and without hands. I emailed Rosendahl asking if they could supply me with some new hands. Not only did they have them available, they arranged to have the hands and some spare parts delivered to my door at no cost. From Denmark to Australia.

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