January 3, 2011

Kay's Anatomy


Lot 207 in Rago's upcoming Discovery Auction deserves a post of its own, if only to keep its mysterious awesomeness from overwhelming the rest of the merch.

You'd think that the four-pack of Kay Bojesen bunnies would be enough, but no, there's some old, Google-proof book, and whoa, these Bojesen diorama postcards. The bunnies in the forest one above is simple enough. Oh wait, it's the opening line of The Little Fir Tree," which is like a buzzkill mashup of The Giving Tree and Being John Malkovich.


And then there's this, a Bojesen monkey-based re-enactment of Rembrandt's classic Anatomy Lesson by someone named Lotte B√łgelund. If she was in Bojesen's circle, I can't find out how. But at least now we know what happened to those disfigured Bojesen monkeys in the other lot. [Est. $800-1,000].

Fair warning, but if a postcard of B√łgelund's monkey version of Coma ever comes up at auction, just stay outta my way, because I'll be taking that bad boy home.


Lot 207: Kay Bojesen [ragoarts.com]

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