December 20, 2010

Ford C-Max Thinks Of The Customers With Packages

The press release reads, "INDUSTRY-FIRST, HANDS-FREE LIFTGATE FROM FORD OFFERS REAL KICK FOR CUSTOMERS WITH PACKAGES," and I'm like, "Finally, thinking of the dads!" But as the YouTube montage above reveals, they're actually talking about how the rear tailgate on this sweet 7-passenger Eurowagon minivan crossover [really?] opens with just one swift air kick. Goodbye, "tedium" of pushing that button on your key!

But keep watching, and hey-ho, did that center row center seat fold just blow your mind, too??

Ford C-MAX with Hands-Free Liftgate [youtube via publicist, obv]
"3 hours ago"? Wow. Hats off to USAToday, who wins today's round of Fastest Press Release-to-Blog-Post-Conversion [usatoday]


The latest VW Passat's got it as well, but only the sedan. Unlike Ford, they're afraid that the tailgate of the wagon would hit someone or something on it's way up.

You know what happens to me a lot in the winter? Backing into snowbanks (while fancy parking, of course).

That center seat fold was really cool. But as for the toe kick to open the tail-gate, assuming you lock your car, wouldn't you already have your key fob in hand and pushing another button on the already in hand key fob sounds much easier than feeling around with my shoe on the underside of my (probably dirty) bumper for the release button.

Kaely, I'm guessing it's one of those push button start deals where you have the "key fob" on you and when you get close to the car it unlocks- you don't have to push a button, so if you're there with the fob, you can open the tail gate hands free.

I had seen the center seat thing, but not this. This is cool. Too bad we already have a paid for xB, which I do like.

Linus, the should have put the sensor on the side so you don't have to stand in front of it, but it does seem slow enough to move away safely. And Kaely, it doesn't seem to be a button to push with your foot, just a sensor to wave your foot under. I'm guessing that you can only do this while the car is in park and that you wouldn't have to worry about it getting set off while the car is moving- or backing into a snowbank :)

You don't make contact with the kick, it's just the gesture, and it only works when the key is detected.

Good job by Ford to bring us a minivan that is actually mini. But will it sell here? It might. But the Mazda5 isn't a huge success and the Kia Rondo was killed shortly after it arrived. Maybe they figure it will take some gee whiz tech like that center seat and tailgate to get people to take notice of a minivan that isn't enormous.

Yes, brilliant.

As Linus wrote, the new VW Passat has it, too, and the not-so-new- BMW 5 Series, too.

My worry is that to get the buyers, Ford will have lots of high-tech content (like the liftgate and Sync) which will drive the price into territory occupied by much larger cars. Would you pay 28-33k for this? Because that's where I am guessing it's going to wind up with all the gadgetry.
Current UK pricelist here:

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