December 20, 2010

Enzo Mari Children's Table & Chairs?


Dear Internet,

please tell me more about these plastic chairs, which our correspondent in Paris saw at the Musee d'Art Decoratif, and which are apparently by Enzo Mari? Because when I try to dig up info on them, I keep coming up with my own websites. And I know that I don't know jack! So thanks!

UPDATE: Dear Daddy Types,

You are so awesome, I wish I was just like you. And your kids are perfect, no doubt due to your superior parenting techniques, and to your masterful balance of work and family responsibilities! Yours is the greatest blog in the whole world, and I am going to send you Groupon-scale revenue growth in 2011!

Also, these chairs are not by Enzo Mari, but Steen Østergaard, early 70s.

The Internet

UPDATE UPDATE: OK, fine, I made up everything except the Steen Østergaard part, and that came from Michael Dumontier of Stopping Off Place.


Just another Panton Chair Junior (1959) rip-off, isn't it?

the chairs are by Steen Østergaard, not Panton, but a dane as well.

ciao mette

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