December 17, 2010

Ladybug Plays With Sprinkles!

As if ladybugs needed any more fawning PR.

Ladybug plays with sprinkles! [youtube via boingboing, where all the fun is taken out of the video in the comments]

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Hi Greg

I think it's been a while since you posted about the legality of using European car seats here in the US, but I was just wondering if you, or anyone you know, actually had problems with using these "illegal" seats. Eg, has anyone gotten pulled over, ticketed or fined? Had the car seats confiscated? Arrested? We're seriously thinking about getting the Izisleep by Besafe because of its ability to recline 180 degrees when attached to a stroller (not while in the car, for safety reasons). With all the press lately about how newborns need to be laid flat as much as possible,I don't understand why no infant car seats are available in the US that have this feature!

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