December 14, 2010

Everything Must Go! Massive Kids Design Auction In Brussels This Weekend


Holy crap, is there going to be anything left? Non. Every single piece of vintage kid-related design in Europe is being sold at auction this Thursday. Just look at just one photo of just one corner of the Pierre Bergé showroom, taken by Carole Daprey, the francophone guru design d'enfant.

Now multiply that by a million, throw in every injection-molded plastic prototype drawing table Germany ever produced; fill a Bruno Munari Abitacolo with a pyramid of Marco Zanuso/Richard Sapper chairs; add one of those Luigi Colani loft bed things that exist, but that no one seems to have ever actually manufactured; throw in the prototypes [as if there were anything else?] for Nika Zupanc's crazy polycarbonate bassinets; and complete sets of Supreme skateboards by Hirst and Murakami [nsfw, btw]; and the EU's only kid-sized, tatami mat, balloon wrestling ring. What the hell is that thing?

Even if the US dollar hadn't fallen down a well, the estimates seem like artifacts from 2007. On the other hand, if euros really want to pay $200 apiece for Casalino chairs, I know how I'll be funding our next family trip to France.

16 Dec, Design for kids auction, lot details and catalogue [ via john from wary meyers]
Tons of photos: Design for Kids à Bruxelles [vintageforkids via andy]

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the wrestling mat was designed by Ettorre Sottsas during his Memphis years

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