December 9, 2010

This Is What It's Come To

Having a kid will make you do things that will be unrecognizable to your pre-kid self. Like sitting here on eBay, getting ready to snipe just the right vintage Madame Alexander doll for Christmas.


Why sit around waiting when you can let a robot snipe for you for free? I've used that service before and it works pretty well.

I'm with Micah - use a sniping service! Very easy to use. I use eSnipe a few times a year.

I like Bidnip, but there is a certain amount of joy in actually doing the sniping yourself.

In my case, the sniping is for OOP Star Wars figures for my 5 year old (I LOVE having a boy)

I used to have a sniping program, but it got lost when I changed computers.

I've done it by hand for a while now, but I ended up getting smoked last night by someone else's sniping--someone with a higher final bid than me, so what was I gonna do?

That's one nice thing about Bidnip. It's not a program, it's a remotely hosted service. You can log in from anywhere to monitor or place bids.

As to what you should do... it's easy.
Curse the sneaky cretin who swiped your prize, and then tool up to snipe the next one out from under the unsuspecting nose of some other poor bastard :D.

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