December 8, 2010

Small Child Once Lived In Large Loft


The other day I came across this book, Converted into Houses, from an era, 1976, where the idea of converting a loft or industrial building into a house was still novel enough to hang a book proposal on.

Nothing earthshattering, only I did notice how few of these lofts and firehouses and whatnot were designed to accommodate kids. The exception was this conversion, which happens to be the entire second floor of the historic Monterey Cannery on Cannery Row. I think it's a fudge and poster mall now.

At the time, though, an unnamed photographer rented out the whole joint for $80/month. From the army of handmade wooden toys waiting to be painted, and the big, mod, b&w portraits of kids--and the little moppet sitting in the chair on the next page--this was a very kid-centric pad.


It's also one of the very few that don't identify the resident by name, which makes me wonder if it's the book photographer himself, Jeremiah Bragstad. Any Bragstads out there who care to enlighten us on their groovy childhood, the comments are open.

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