December 8, 2010

Praise The Lord And Pass The Video Camera

"Baby Worship." So many amusing/annoying ways to go with this video of a Lakeland, Florida 2yo named Ava Grace doing exactly what 2yo's do: mimicking the actions and expressions of those around her in exchange for positive reinforcement.

There's the current_tv route, where you round up a pile of other baby worship/baby preacher videos, and play them for ironic but mildly critical amusement:

If you're an atheist, or if you decided to deal with the trauma from your own religious upbringing by becoming a sociologist, you could engage in deathly-serious comment threads about how "ominous" "indoctrination" of any toddler is. [You can take the sociologist out of the revival, but you can't take the preacher out of the sociologist.]

Or you can look through the kid's mom's YouTube channel, ChampionTraining, where a shorter clip was posted a day earlier with the caption, "BABY GETS CAUGHT UP IN WORSHIP- NEVER SEES CAMERA." And thus you can see what got upended was the mom's own operating assumption--that the kid was performing for the camera.

And then you may notice that the full title of the extended clip above--the one with 536,000 YouTube views--is actually, "Baby worship!!!!! (As Seen On TV) This honestly shocked me to see baby Ava worshipping." [emphasis added]. And then you could go to her "viralbaby" Facebook page.

And you could see her getting right to work, courtin' sponsors in a video shot at the local car dealership a couple of weeks later, "Ava 'Baby Worship' Grace drives a Ford Focus for Rally America!":

Where you find the mom, would-be local TV personality Rosie Cafarelli, who's rockin' a "Britney from the 'We're country, y'all!' era" look in her faux-Juicy velour.

And who does have an IMDb page, and who did hustle herself up a speaking role in that Kevin Costner serial killer movie they shot that one time in Shreveport, in 2007.

Right before Ava Baby Worship Grace was born.

And you could wonder whether YouTube fame isn't the new baby beauty pageant, where moms who've been indoctrinated into and dealt out of our society's beauty-obsessed media narcissism dangle their kid out there as they make one more lunge for the golden ring.

And you could say, verily, they have their reward.

But then just as you're about to hit the "post" button, you could remember that Sarah Palin as a bubbleheaded newscaster--it was her major! And that one of her earliest media mentions was in 1996, where she trudged down to the mall to meet Ivana Trump, because she was "so desperate...for any semblance of glamour and culture." And, of course, she exploits her kids for media attention, and was even anointed to rule over us by a Pentecostalist witch doctor.

So you heard it here first, folks: Rosie Cafarelli will be the President of the United States in 2028.

Baby worshipper: an example of religious socialization [sociological images via boingboing]
Lakeland Actress Enamored With Costner After Sharing Scene in 'Mr. Brooks' []

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This is so fuuny, Now someone want to volunteer the denomination?

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