December 7, 2010

¡MOM A DT 33d & 00d Giveaway!


I'm so glad to see Pee & Poo, the cuddly toys from Sweden, advertising on Daddy Types again; I think they're awesome. And with free shipping through December, there really is no better time to buy.

But to celebrate, I think we'll have a DT Giveaway. My first idea was to do a tagalong gift for everyone who orders a Pee & Poo set, but the logistics are a mess, so instead, I'll do a random drawing.

Leave a comment below, and I'll select four winners at random to receive a 7 oz. bag of plain M&Ms, custom-printed printed with 33d and 00d [above]. We I used some for as congratulations for K2's toilet training, and they worked miracles. She's in there going 33d right now, in fact.

To be valid, your entry must include two things: an upside-down word--made from letters and numbers, just like you used to do on your handheld calculators--and a valid email address [which won't be shown, or used in any way other than to contact you if you win].

The contest will run as long as the Pee & Poo ad is up, so keep an eye out. Multiple words are fine, but let's leave it at one chance per household. Be creative, and try not to just duplicate whatever else is in there. I mean, do you know how long it took me to come up with 33d & 00d?


HELLO (0773H),

I love your 6078 almost as much as babies love 5318oo8.

I want those M&M's, hope this makes me 378I6173.

(pAp) -On-The-Run

7734 no you did not just post a giveaway of pee and poo m&ms! loving, loving, loving the flair of that potty-training prize.

If my font styling doesn't take, 4 ain't peaked in calculator speak, making it an "h".

Classic calculator trick = 55378008. Read it upside down, as always.

Well, since 5318008 is taken, and 55378008 is no fun, I'll have to go with 3722145.

I've been wanting these M&Ms for the same purpose since your first post a couple months ago!

Dang. 5318008 was gonna be mine... hmm.. I'll settle for my daughter's name... 31773

I had to 376616 when I saw the 33d and 00d candy being offered. Every time I 335 those 45n7d toys, I want to order them, but my wife's 5376616 upon 6u1335 them makes me think 5345 getting them for our girls herself. Got to 06, the 5508 is coming!

I feel unworthy in the face of all this creativity. 55378008 was the only one I remembered from elementary school in the 80s, when calculators still took 9v batteries, and solar calculators were very new-fangled.

Still, we'd love a new "incentive program" for toilet count me in!

Thanks, all, keep'em coming. Though when I came up with this upside-down typing idea, I didn't realize how hard it'd be to sift out all the comment spam.

is,W+W paau I

(Kinda looks like one of those CAPTCHA thingies...)


This is perfect timing we just bought a "big boy potty" a couple of weeks ago. I love the idea of the poo and pee plushies only I have some concern about my lil varmit 6uI39 conditioned to get all cuddly-cozy with the poo.

55378008. oh man, I just read the other posts. But thats the one I remember best. (it used up all 8 characters!) I guess 07734 is a close second.

Awsome....You could celebrate by having a party, and get very crafty by making a chocolate cake in the shape of a toilet and putting some of those M & M's in the "bowl."

I can "almost" do my kids names: 037 and 0220. The last one makes more sense if read phonetically.

I'm not sure these would help as my K2, who is in the thick of potty training now, seems to have some confusion about which one is called pee & which is poo, giving him a yellow M&M labeled 00d may prolong the confusion. Maybe some pee & poo underpants would help?

¿37816173 = eligible?

giggle, he bile big blob

Thanks Greg, for the blog. (Long time reader, first time poster.) It's great to see how you got around M&M's censors.

Here in (cold, dark) Stockholm you can find pee and poo at the gift shop down the street... and books about poo are uncomfortably common.

thanks to everyone who entered, the drawing is now closed. stay tuned for the results.

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