December 6, 2010

Binz XTEND: The #1 Mod For Mercedes Enhancement


Seriously, I don't think I'd be seen in the XTEND, the super-extended wheelbase E-Class wagon by Binz, longtime hearse-modders to the [3-pointed] stars, even if I was dead.

Of course, the fact that all they have to show so far is a Photoshop job and a spec sheet means I'm not alone.

[autoblog via dt wagon guru jj daddy-o]


Nice, it means you can roll like you're Diddy (or whatever the F*** he's calling himself this week in his shameless shilling for vodka, lunchmeat, or whatever, and STILL bring home all the crap from the grocers that Diddy IS SHILLING!

To be true to the original they should be fitting two rows of rear facing seats in the back.

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