December 1, 2010

The Mozart Effect Of Sports

I could say the lack of posting around here is because I've been in a work crunch, and because everyone's sick at home, and because I've been doubling up nights, prepping for a presentation in Miami Friday.

But the real reason is, I've been trying to see how many ways I can find to express how ridiculous this supposed "sports for babies" trend is. As if anyone wants his kid to grow up to be another Tiger Woods. or Andre Agassi. Haven't you read Agassi's book? The kid was miserable, and his dad was a slavedriver.

And anyway, the best thing about 4-and-under soccer is the hilarious way they can't play. How they all go running after the ball like iron shavings trailing a magnet.

Sports Training Has Begun for Babies and Toddlers [nyt]

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