November 26, 2010

Kenny Scharf's Awesome Baby Bouncer & Crib Of Death


It took two-and-a-half years, but I finally found a picture of the crazy crib downtown artist Kenny Scharf made in the early 1980s for his daughter Zena. It's a snap of a book of Scharf's work posted on Art From Behind, the wildly uninhibited blog of downtown art dealer and Deitch alum Kathy Grayson.

Anyway, the crib looks as fantastic as it does deadly. Scharf's pantheon of space aliens and monsters are about 1% as scary as those giant stockade-shaped, baby strangulators cut into the side.

Nevertheless, the Scharfs can boast that the crib had a 100% survival rate [i.e., 1 of 1] for kids who used it, though credit may be due to the addition of the custom-painted Baby Bjorn bouncy chair.

Buy a fat Kenny Scharf monograph, around $60 [amazon]
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Wow! I wonder what kind of dreams that led to…

Oh! I don't let my baby use this crib.

of course not, because you don't own it because you're an SEO spambot.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this crib! Although I'd never subject my son to actually sleeping in it. Thanks for sharing!

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