November 24, 2010

Ausgezeichnet! Der Bebe Gebirthin' Auf Street View


As it happens, I've been spending a lot of time lately looking at the just-launched German cityscapes of Google Street View. I've been doing this primarily for aesthetic reasons--I really like the way Google pre-emptively blurs out the houses whose owners asserted privacy rights--not to discover the inevitable shocking scenes that unfolded in front of the Googlemobile's panoptic cameras.

Like someone hopping out of a Smart car and giving birth on the sidewalk, supposedly across the street from a hospital.

Maybe it's a bad translation, but I don't think the Gizmodo commenter who says this is "probably not a real baby" is really shedding any light on what, actually, the hell is going on in this photo. But then, the Google Maps link they have isn't the actual spot in the photo, either, so who knows?

The Miracle of Birth on Google Street View [gizmodo]
Full-size Street View image at geekologie which, holy crap, Germans are popping out of all kinds of places on Street View [geekologie via dt reader jp]


I've heard that web-nerdz sometimes figure out exactly where Das Google is photographing on a given day and plan crazy-ass crap like this out to be funny/and/or/protest Googles 'Big Brotherness'.

This could quite possibly be one of those stunts.

I wish, BTW, that Google made it easier to erase your personal spaces from their all seeing 'eye in the sky'.

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