November 23, 2010

Adorable WASP Moppetwear By CPC Designs


The wife picked up one of these cute little CPC Design corduroy jumpers--made in Philadelphia! Design your own from the many grosgrain ribbon and monogramming options available!--for K2 at the Junior League's Holiday Trunk Show. But then, you could probably have guessed that just by looking.

Or by reading the story of the company's founding, which is awesome:

On one fateful Friday, the morning playdate turned into an afternoon playdate for Caroline, Carrie, and Gaby where a novel statement (with wine glass in hand of course) "we can make dresses for little girls" turned into a full blown business idea to create dresses that could be customized.

CPC Designs []


I love the dress. It's very classy and stylish perfect for a cute little girl. I also like the concept of having it customized.:-)

I bet Edie was the fourth WASP having a glass of wine. Kudos to Edie for not being jealous that she didn't get to put one of her kids' initials on the name.
I guess it IS important to have your kid's name on their dress so you bring the correct one home after those boozy all-day playdates;)

Thanks for the write up daddytypes! We loved the crowd at the Capital Collection in DC - great show. Look for our spring line at the Dandelion Patch in your area in February! p.s. the boozy playdates have now turned into kid dinner/mommy happy hours

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