November 22, 2010

The Underpants Revolution Will Be Tweeted

Car guru/dadblogger/DT hero Dave is live-tweeting his kid's first big day of toilet training. Let's just say that so far, there is no stagefright.


After a super-low-to-no-key approach based primarily on our own laziness, K2's about a week into full underpants mode, and she's doing great. Though I'm pretty sure that at least one accident was intentional, because she desperately wanted to switch from underpants to the Disney Princess Pull-Ups I'd bought [I know, I know, believe me, I know] for bedtime.

Anyway, we started out using "congratulations" in our little system. We're currently using jelly beans, because all the M&Ms in our house apparently have inappropriate HTML code printed on them.

Good luck, fellas!

@dadtherapy [twitter]


Ok this is hilarious. Tonight is the first time I've had to surf a bit and bam, there are my tweets on DaddyTypes. Too funny. It's also funny because after years of tweeting I never thought twice of posting the updates.

I posted a recap on my blog today Actually but I said to my wife earlier I doubt I'll have another three days of one on one time with just my son for a very long time. So hopefully there was some bonding around the plastic potty.

"So hopefully there was some bonding around the plastic potty. "

an important life skill that will serve your son well in college.

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