November 17, 2010

Audi, VW: There Are Some Substitutes.

Just in time for me not to bid on it while the wife was out of town, DT reader DT sent along a link to this nice-looking, low-miles, 2002 Audi A6 3.0 audi_a6_bonhams.jpgAvant, which sold at auction Saturday for just $11,408.

Or to put it in more practical terms, 86 percent off the price of the fully restored 1967 21-window VW bus.


Lot No: 449: 1967 Volkswagen 21-Window Samba Bus, sold for $78,975 []

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The Audi A4 is now sold (with slightly redesigned face and rear) as the SEAT Exeo ST: . I think they more or less transfered all tools for the old A4 to Spain.

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