November 10, 2010

And To Think That I Saw It On Vijzelstraat


I wasn't able to figure out the maker of this dress with a doll sling knit into it, but I don't think it's the same as the company that makes this tattoo-covered creeper/pajama thing. Maybe a fashionista out there will recognize it, or the logo/tag with the guitar neck sticking out?


Either way, it's good to see that even with Oilily reduced to a couple of stores, the Crazy Dutch Moppetwear Industry appears to be holding strong. This store is so new, it's not even mentioned on's website yet.

UPDATE What a fashion-forward crowd! Thanks Shannon for ID'ing the dress as Mini-Shatsu, and thanks Christopher for the tattoo playsuit, which is by Six Bunnies. Links are in the comments, folks.

de Kunstboer, aka, the Art Farmer? []


I don't know the maker of the dress, but I think those tattoo flash pajamas are made by Six Bunnies. Available via or in Germany via Racker ' Roll (which translates to brat 'n roll, I think).

The doll sling dress is by Mini Shatsu: and can be at Addy's Closet:

They also have a onesie with the same design :)

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