November 4, 2010

But I Thought Velma And Fred Were The Gay Ones

A mom worked hard to help her Scooby Doo-loving 5-yo son wear his Daphne costume to the preschool Halloween party, and she would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for the meddling moms at the drop-off.

The ones who said boys aren't supposed to dress up as girls. [until they get to college]
And that she was making him gay--in a way that letting a girl dress up as Batman somehow does not.

Frankly, the only thing that worries me about the costume is that it doesn't match the outfit Daphne wore in the original animated series. Which could mean that this mom is letting her kid watch horrible live action film versions of Scooby Doo or even worse, the new animated TV series with their bogus 3-D shading.

Either way, I question this woman's parental judgment, and demand that Child Services deliver a 4-disc box set of The Original Scooby Doo Seasons 1&2 to her house right away.

She IS right, though, he DID rock that wig.

My Son Is Gay [ via @choire]

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Did the parents say she was "making him gay"? It could have been said, but in the over reactive comments related they seemed concerned about ridicule.

My son loves pink and purple and has clothes in those colors, some of which came from the girl's department. He has been made fun of a bit by other children, but never by an adult and never for being "gay". Some older kids just asked if he was wearing "girl clothes". And he said no, he was wearing his clothes.

We debated what to do when he went to school and the outfits that looked particularly girly were relegated to play clothes rather than school clothes. I just didn't want him to be made fun of for something he loves so much.

I guess I just wanted to say that my experience, even in Texas, was a little different.

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