November 4, 2010

Area Man Apparently About To Trade Bugaboo For A Dinner [Sitter Not Included]

I'm headed to the airport, long weekend in Amsterdam. The eBay auction for our awesome Bugaboo Cameleon ends in a couple of hours, and right now, it looks like I'll clear enough to take the Mrs. to a nice little restaurant.

One with McRib AND free Wi-Fi.

Seriously, people, $81?

I know the seat safety handle/bar has a couple of small tears along the bottom edge, but you can't see them from anywhere except the kid's boots! And I found the mosquito net! And the iPhone holder! And the instructional DVD is Mint. In. Box.


If you get to the close of the auction and no one bids an amount you want for it, just have a friend or your wife bid an outrageous amount and that way you can keep it and try to sell it again.

Snipers always win.

Happy? Nearly $250 for a 5 year old stroller. Doesn't sound too bad to me.

Now you can supersize that dinner.

Nice, but really, shagpadauction? Who are you, Austin Powers?

I don't think I'd rush to buy a used stroller from anyone with the word "shag" in their name...

Seriously, people, it's a used stroller, not an investment. You can see $900 used Bugaboos NOT selling on eBay for $400 every day.

Best to buy 'em because you love 'em, period. Any other return is bonus.

Five years after the Cameleon hit our shores? There are a lot of other, equally well (or better) designed options around, a bunch of them cheaper new. Times change, and so does "cool". Not to mention national economies.

That was a rather thinly veiled attempt to pad your auction.
However it seemed to work, and $250 for a stroller that age, Bugaboo or not, is nothing to sneeze at.

haha, yes, well, it's early adopter syndrome, I guess. the ebay user id is left over from a project I did in 1997. whoops, it looks like isn't loading up properly. I will talk to my archivist about it.

thinly veiled? I thought it was overt and explicit. The one time a year I sell something on ebay, I will certainly promote my own auctions.

And yes, the price was just fine, which freed me up to complain about the exchange rate.

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