October 29, 2010

On Jawas, On Gagas, On Dancer And Vixen

While Jean was traveling in Germany this week, I've been on bedtime duty, and we've been watching a few minutes of Star Wars: Episode IV each night in lieu of one of the kids' stories.

So when this awesome homemade Halloween costume popped up on Boing Boing, K2 immediately called it out--and decided she'd give the Jawas one more chance.

I'd say I take solace in the Jawa because K2's a ballet fairy and the kid's a rainbow unicorn, but they're both so darn cute I don't mind a bit.

Especially when we heard one of the kid's schoolmates is Lady Gaga. We asked warily if she knew who that was, and she said, "Sure, she's from Star Wars."

Which made me realize that Lady Gaga is Episode I to Madonna's Episodes IV-VI.

Which in turn made me wonder if parents debate how or whether to introduce Madonna's music to their kids. Do you start with Starlight and work forward? Skip around? Just let the musical theater babysitter take care of it for you?


That's funny - we've been watching Episode IV in short bits the past week as well. We've been using the DVRed version which turns out to have been on Spike TV so the commercials require some serious fast-forwarding and a quick thumb. Damn, those AXE body spray commercials are creepy.

Also funny that I went as a Jawa when I was a kid. I think I identified with them since they were my size. Or perhaps it was because they stole and hoarded stuff, which I also did as a 5yo magpie.

The Star Wars introduction is probably trickier. There's now over 30 years worth of material from the original trilogy to prequelogy to the clone wars plus all the books, merchandise, etc....and kids seem to be into any and all of it. Madonna might be a bit more straightforward as the chances that a kid will stumble upon and actually enjoy anything post-1989 is pretty slim.

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