October 27, 2010

Hermès - Album A Colorier


On the Dinosaurs + Robots post about the Hermès X Leica M7 camera, Mister Jalopy paraphrased "the merchant prince" Mickey Drexler, who "cited Hermès as being the only luxury brand that delivers the promise."

So true, I thought, as I decided to click over to the Hermès webstore where, holy smokes, there is an Hermès coloring book: Les 4 Mondes, "12 pages with 24 designs for you to fill with color! Measures 15" x 11""

I assume Hermès has a bespoke department where artisans will then translate the kid's chef d'oeuvre into a 20-screen printed silk carré. Right? Deliver the promise?

Hermès Coloring Book, $130 [hermes.com]
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Or maybe they just go through phases

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