October 26, 2010

¡Atención, Los Publicistas Del Museo!

I don't ask for much, really. I'm not one of those swaghound bloggers mucking around for free samples. Or blackmailing companies with the threats of negative posts because baby needs a new pair of Crocs. And though I mock the truly awful ones and don't do anything with most of the rest, I don't mind getting press releases.

But still, it hurts a bit that after all the ground game and esoteric digging into the--let's face it--the largely ignored history of modernist children's design, no one at the Museo Picasso Malaga bothered to send me a press release for their new show--open since October 4th!--titled, Toys Of The Avant-Garde.

And in fact, I had to learn about it the same way the common masses did, by cracking open my just-arrived copy of Artforum, and seeing nothing less than Ladislav Sutnar's Build The Town blocks staring out at me from an ad. An ad!


If I knew where Malaga was, I would march right over to the Museo Picasso they apparently have there and demand to know why they haven't added me to their mailing list. And also why they don't have any more pictures or checklists or webstreams or whatever for their surely groundbreaking show.

Toys of the Avant-Garde, 4 Oct - 30 Jan [museopicassomalaga.org]


It's on the south coast of Spain and it's where most British tourists fly into to get to their chip-butty-selling we-like-it-here-except-for-the-Spanish resorts such as Torremolinos.

I couldn't decide which would implicate me more: pretending not to know where Malaga is, or pretending that I'd taken Ryanair there on multiple occasions, but couldn't remember it.

Malaga is in Andalucia, South of Spain. There's a Picasso museum as there's where Picasso was born. It is famous for its weather and because of the town of Marbella. Michelle Obama spend a few holidays this summer down there with her children.

There are also lots of British tourists and residents. Some are retired, some are law-fugitives, such as pederasts, IRA terrorists... and Sean Connery.

The exhibit is coming to my town, Valencia (Spain)in spring. Let me know if you want any pictures or info I could get there.

It's probably more accurate to call Sean Connery a Scottish fugitive.

Since he's been called by spanish courts for some suspicious real estate investments in Malaga and he prefered not to show, I guess you could call him so...

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