October 14, 2010

Wolfgang Rebentisch Designed The Hippo In 1993.


Seriously, I like Stokke, and I like the Hippo. And it's totally their call if they decide not to produce or carry it anymore. ergo:design in Germany picked it up, and it still rocks.

But Wolfgang Rebentisch, the man who designed the Hippo in 1993--or at least who won a bunch of design awards for it in 1993, including a Best In Show at the Nurenburg Furniture Expo, which, oddly, included 800 Marks and an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris to meet Philippe Starck--really deserves to be known for more than inadvertently saving Bugaboo from giving its double stroller an even more off-the-wall name 17 years later.

Nurenburg Preisewinners, Form 143 (1993) [form.de]

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