October 14, 2010

Nanna Ditzel Designed A Crib In 1962.


We all know about Nanna Ditzel's Toadstool tables and chairs. And her high chair. And her cradle. [Right? We do?]

But how is it possible that I can't find any reference besides an 1963 issue of Form Magazine to Ditzel's convertible crib?


Since it was made, like all of Ditzel's furniture at the time, by Kolds Savværk [Kolds Lumber Mill] in Kerteminde, I'll assume it, too, was made of Oregon Pine.

It reminds me a bit of the more recently lamented Trofast cradle/rocker Erika Pekkari designed for Ikea. And they both remind of the picture of "crib" in the dictionary.

Nanna Ditzel kinderbett, Form 028 (1964) [form.de]

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