October 12, 2010

Oh, Hell Yes. Not Just A Crawligator. Crawligator DOT COM.


In practice, they may only ever pop up once or twice a year, but that still means that anyone can post a plain, old Creative Playthings Crawligator on eBay.

But only one man, the visionary who registered it two years ago, can offer you a Crawligator plus the domain name CRAWLIGATOR.COM.

You could start a fan site or start a group to bring the Crawligator back.

I even had the idea of making a mold of the toy to replicate and sell (pretty simple as far as toys go).

Patent expired long ago as far as I can tell. Creative Playthings shut their doors years ago. [sic]

Just one of those things that I'll never get around to. Wife says either do it, or sell it. Well, here it is.

Are you the one who's going to keep the Crawligator.com dream alive? Just be sure to pick up crawligator.net and crawligator.org on your way to eBay to seize the crown jewel.

Creative Playthings CRAWLIGATOR +CRAWLIGATOR.COM Domain Very rare toy. Start a fan site with crawligator.com, $999.95 Buy it now [ebay]

1 Comment

or wait a year and let his domain registry expire...

Still, it is kind of tempting.

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