October 11, 2010

Coal, Minders, Daughter


Just when I was beginning to wonder whether anyone actually ever bought one of Brockhage and Andra's Schaukelwagen, DT reader and schaukelwagenmeister Andrew spotted this 1970 photo in the Bildarchiv Preu├čischer Kulturbesitz:

The GDR built up a network of day nurseries and kindergartens so that both mothers and fathers would be able to work. In the day nurseries, which were overseen by the Ministry for Health, children between the ages of 1 and 3 received all-day care. In 1970, there were already enough spaces available in day nurseries to cover 29% of all children in that age group...This photograph shows children from a day nursery located near the brown coal power plant in Vetschau, in the district of Cottbus. Built between 1960 and 1967, the Vetschau power plant became the largest emitter of sulfur dioxide in the GDR.
Uh, hmm, OK. On the bright side, Schaukelwagen!

Nursery in Vetschau, 1970, image: Max Ittenbach [ghi-dc.org via dt reader andrew]

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