October 8, 2010

B Is For Ben-Day Dots, C Is For Condolences: Lichtenstein's ABC


While poking around photographer Bob Adelman's site, I found this children's book he published in 1999, Roy Lichtenstein's ABC. Each letter of the alphabet is illustrated by a work or detail from Lichtenstein's iconic oeuvre.

Adelman was friendly with Lichtenstein, who passed away in 1997. It was published by Bulfinch, which had just exhausted its series of children's books cobbled together from Andy Warhol's artworks, so I guess Lichtenstein's death worked out great for them.

It's out of print, but you can buy Roy Lichtenstein's ABC, new or used at Amazon [amazon]

1 Comment

Although I'm not a daddy I enjoy reading your blog. I had no idea this book existed. I must get my hands on it! So cool! Thanks for sharing... themodernnest.wordpress.com

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