September 27, 2010

Eighties Eighties, Whoa, I'm Living In The Eighties

Thumbnail image for onj_physical.jpgShe's barely two and a half, but recently, K2's gotten fixated on "outfits." Obviously, she has to get dressed all by herself, but she insists on laying her outfit out on the floor, like she's going to shoot it for her look book or something.

It's all fine, I guess, as long as you factor in the time it takes. But she's got short, wild/curly hair, and her default favorite outfits--a swimsuit and some twisted French do-rag, or straight jean skirt and some kind of tank top--ends up reminding me of "Let's Get Physical"-era Olivia Newton-John or of Jodie Foster's white trash character in The Accused.

She's one oversized RELAX t-shirt and a fishnet/leggings/Silly Bandz outfit away from the bottom of the 80s fashion barrel.


1 Comment

Hey there is nothing wrong with dressing like the '80s. By the time she's ready to be fashionable, that unforgettable style will probably be back in. At that point, all the stuff you have left over from that era will make you her hero!

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