September 22, 2010

Pop Space: Perpetually Convertible Kids' Loft Bed Structure By Matali Crasset


A couple of years ago, Matali Crasset built a loft-cabana and library space with a bed underneath it for her young daughter Popline. And wouldn't it be even better, she thought, if such a structure could evolve and adapt to the kid's needs as she grows up? Thus was Pop Space born. Produced by the French loft bed manufacturer Espace Loggia, Pop Space evolves from newborn


to toddler


all the way through to age 12, and on into teenhood. It's manufactured in an eco-conscious factory in France from local pine and birch. Says Crasset:

La meilleure chose que l'on puisse donner à l'enfant c'est de lui permettre d'acquérir de l'autonomie. Ce projet y participe car il constitue un véritable espace à soi dans lequel il peut se sentir à la fois protégé et responsabilisé.

The best thing one can give a child is to permit him to acquire autonomy. This project participates in that by constituting a veritable space of his own in which he can feel at once protected and responsible.

Sounds awesome. Unfortunately, since the base model of Pop Space with the newborn kit costs EUR4,695, and each conversion set costs another EUR700, the whole family will have to move into the kid's autonomous space in order to keep up with the payments.

matali crasset - espace Loggia : Pop space, la vie en haut, la vie en bas [ via pirouette blog]
product page: Pop Space by Matali Crasset []

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my kids would destroy this is a matter of hours but it is a neat idea

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