September 16, 2010

Toobspotting: Whatchootalkingbout, Willis?


Holy smokes, and I'm not kidding. DT commenter MikeM thought he *might* have seen the H.U.D.D.L.E. Toobline Cornerbunk, the L-shaped bunkbed setup somewhere before... where was that? Oh, right, in Willis and Arnold Drummond's bedroom.

And after some surfing through some painfully hacked up Diff'rent Strokes "minisodes," I found it. In "First Day Blues," an episode from 1983 1981, where Willis is so desperate to fit in at his new high school, he, well, I'm disappointed to even type it.

He buys some marijuana and smokes it. In his bedroom. Here's a still of him frantically spraying air freshener.


Anyway, the boys not only have the bunk bed, they have the Toobline dresser, too. Am I reading this right, that those are basically heavy duty poster tubes with caps on them? If his partying career had taken off, how much weed do you think Willis could've stashed in those things?

I can't imagine why you'd want to, but you can watch the whole [sic] thing here:


I totally remember watching this episode.
That said, didn't Nancy Reagan feature on some of the drug related shows/

Clearly, this bulky, inefficient system is a reaction to the sleek Scandinavian furniture that was gaining a foothold in the early eighties.

Just writing to let you know I like

this episode is where i learned what a "lid" of grass is. unfortunately that explanation was cut from this minisode, as was arnold. anyway, you could hide a lot of grass in those tubes.

he does mention not buying another half a lid at the end/moral.

But I'm baffled by this minisode concept; are these really the only funny parts? a boiled down plot summary, minus any/most of the laugh lines you watched a sitcom for in the first place?

I would love to watch this episode with Todd Bridges, though.

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