September 15, 2010

Bugaboo Donkey Looks To Kick Some Double Stroller Ass


Via PRNewswire and the secret Bugaboo media link site that went live at 12:01AM, the world now knows that Bugaboo is finally introducing--the Bugaboo Donkey. It's a double stroller--that they don't want to call a double. Instead, it's a "mono-duo-mono."

Which means, rather remarkably, that the rig uses a telescoping mechanism [similar, it seems, to the Cameleon's adjustable handle] to enwiden itself from a single-with-sidebasket to a double seat. You see the big moment down there? In basket mode, it's supposedly no wider than a Cameleon, but maybe they mean just the wheelbase. Because it looks as big as a Mountain Buggy from here.


Anyway, it also looks very nice and Bugaboogish, so Bugabooish, in fact, that you have to wonder what took so long. [And though it debuts at Kind + Jugend this week, it won't actually be in stores until April 2011.]

One piece of info not in the press release: if domain name registrations are to be believed, until as recently as a month ago, the company was still choosing between calling it the Bugaboo Donkey and the Bugaboo Hippo. So congratulations on making the best choice!


I don't have twins, but I want one of these just for the name. I swear I've seen these in the neighborhood... I suspect someone else has already released a very similar design.

Kidlet's dad you may have seen a First Wheels City Twin which is incredibly similar but not the same.

I'm not sold, but am deeply impressed that they've managed to come up with something actually new in the telescopic widening.

Whatevz. Looks pretty cool, but doesn't do as much stuff as the Chariot Cougar II. I guess it's like the difference between an Audi wagon and a mini-van.

Bugaboo Camel would be a better name, you know- one hump or two! And they're known for lugging stuff. Did they seriously not think this was a better choice than donkey or hippo? I think I need to write them.

They seem to state that the width of between the wheels is the same as the Chameleon. This is a little misleading as the Chameleon's frame pretty much fits between the wheels while the frame on the Camel seems to protrude outside the wheels a bit on each side.
I'm curious how rigid the expanding frame is. The Chameleon is pretty loose as it is (most buyers equate this with the suspension) and this feature seems like it could make the whole thing even sloppier.
Love the white walls. Wonder if they're pneumatic or if they just painted the rims white.

Did I say "Camel?" I meant "Donkey." See above.

I wouldn't be surprised if they change the name before the launch. Really, Donkey? I can't stop laughing. Great design though.

Maybe we should just push Camel. Or maybe come up with an even more random-seeming name than Donkey.

I still can't get over the name. Love camel. Why not Wildebeest?

This is pretty funny too, a stroller site is running a contest on guessing the price of the stroller. "Pin the Price on the Donkey"

oh, sorry. The link:

I tried writing them about the name but couldn't get past their ridiculous registration you have to do to figure out how to contact them. It kept telling me I entered invalid information or being past midnight I just gave up. Will try again!

ok, we must be getting punk'd here. One cannot say the words bugaboo donkey without giggling.
I think a donkey is an ass in every language. Unless it sounds really cool in dutch...

Yeah, did they have any Americans on that naming committee?

I'm interested in how it compares to Stroll-Air My Duo ( in terms of folded size and total weight with seats? Can't seem to find that info and need double soon.

I had a bugaboo for my daughter about six years ago, and wondered when they'd come out with a double stroller. I ended up with a Combi and then Phil and Ted's.... I think the Phil and Ted's has the advantage of having the width of a single stroller, and the combi as well....

Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of my heart breaking, because this is just too late people! I have a 6-year old Bugaboo currently used with my 4th baby. In between I had a set of twins and have thus owned a Peg bus, Valco Runabout, McLaren Techno Twin, and a Valco Latitude. I hated them all with the possible exception of the McLaren which we literally wore out in about 8 months, but at least liked using while it lasted. My baby making days are over, and now this? Donkey, Camel, Hippo, whatever, I'm out.

I want it.

Nice idea and a really nice product design, but the name is more tha n confusing.Hope the stroller will be affordable. Does anybody knows how much it will cost?

I found some videos on of the bugaboo donkey on a german website:

Bugaboo Donkey

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