September 9, 2010

The Stig Abides


Leave it to the English to put a helmet on the only guy with remotely normal-looking hair.

The Stig is a guy named Ben Collins, who wrote a tell-all book because he and his wife have had three kids in three years, so he need more money, and he wants to be as famous as his unhelmeted colleagues. Make that former colleagues, because the BBC just sacked him and sued him, albeit unsuccessfully.

Ben Collins sacked as Top Gear's Stig and replaced already [ via dt reader dt]
As much as I hate linking to the Daily Mail, that picture of the Top Gear cast looks like the Bay City Rollers []


man, I was just singing Bay City Rollers songs to my kids last night... "Oh, money honey.... oh, you drive me out of my heeeeead"

He better make good cash from this book as I expect he'll soon be replaced in the role of Stig...

But wait, what was all that about Michael Schumacher being the Stig? God, I'm such a sucker!

your right Michael Schumacher was the stig but that was last seasons top gear

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