August 29, 2010

DT Friday Freakout: Depressing Edition

I know the weekend's almost over, but I think freaking out over these stories from the worlds of parenting, science, health, and education can still ruin it retroactively:

  • You thought "anchor babies" were gonna getchya? A politician in Rhode Island has condemned the prenatal care program he once voted for for providing support to "anchor embryos." []

  • An Urban Institute study has found that more than half of kids born below the poverty level have mothers with depression, and one in nine have severe depression. It's mostly untreated and often undiagnosed, and causes a whole pile of problems for the kid, as you would expect. [washpost; whoops, what? "this publication has been temporarily removed from the site. it will be reposted next week."]

  • Meanwhile, the headline of great parenting author Pamela Paul's article in the NYT Magazine asks, "Can Preschoolers Be Depressed?" The answer is depressingly obvious. [nyt]

  • Like basically everyone who isn't selling chelation-o-matics, a federal appeals court has ruled that thimerosal and vaccines do not cause autism. [google/ap via @workingdad]

  • Something about BPA being associated with slightly increased testosterone levels in Italian men. I assume it's because they're still all living with their mothers, but really, the only thing we know for sure is that more research is recommended. [paging dr gupta?; abstract and paper,, thanks dt testosterone machine rolf]

  • 11,000 Beaba baby warmers sold this year by Williams Sonoma have been recalled for burn hazards. There's a full refund plus a $25 gift card in it for you, so hop to. []
  • Based on the three or four folks this guy talked to, 100% of Chinese parents are freaking out right now over their only children. [nybooks]

  • Not breastfeeding causes diabetes. [eurekalert]

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