August 19, 2010

أنا ♥ نيويورك Onesies, Anyone?


I think I'm going to whip up a batch of these. With the two-color screenprinting, they'll probably be $20, plus a couple of dollars shipping.

You can order either a onesie or a toddler t-shirt via Kickstarter. The Kickstarter project will end on Sept. 18, and then I'll print the entire batch of shirts and onesies at once. Expect delivery around October 16.

I have no idea how many to make. Unfortunately, the number I have in my head today is much smaller than the number I imagined a couple of weeks ago when I the idea came to me. I'd like to be wrong, though.

I [Heart] NY Onesies and Toddler T's project at Kickstarter ends Sept. 18 [kickstarter]
Related: a bit of background on the design and the idea


Damn, money's tight right now, but I think I can find a way to swing it. These are awesome - thanks for sharing!

Thinking and frustrated by this. I can be irritated as an outsider, right!? So I saw and pledged for a shirt. Finished the day with this. Feeling better now. Thanks Greg.

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