August 14, 2010

'I Won't Mess Us Up, I'm Mr. November'

A report from DT Lollapalooza correspondent GF-R:

Thought you'd appreciate the following videos of the National (described by pitchfork as a "dad band"...presumably bc they're all over the age of 35 and some have do many of their followers). The key point is after the 1:00 mark where Matt jumps up on the sidestage and runs across a 4yo girl whom he serenades and changes the lyrics from "fuck" to "mess." It was a great moment.

You can see me in my plaid shirt trying to get footage of him with the girl

So I'm watching the video above, and I'm like, "Dad in the plaid shirt at a The National concert? Good luck," but then Greg posted his video, too, and holy smokes, he's right there next to the kid, history in the making!


I was lucky to hang out with those guys after their detroit show last week. there was a two-week-old baby backstage! I wanted to take a picture of Matt holding her but pussed out. he's got a kid back in brooklyn and the band only tours three weeks at a time so he can get back to see her.

I even bought a copy of Under the Radar specifically because it had Matt and his daughter on it. And there was a picture of that baby on the National's twitter feed....This is so cute. not sure my 5 year old (or I!) could handle lollapalooza, honestly.

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