August 12, 2010

Hey Extremely Small Boy, You Look Mighty Tight In Them Jeans

gap_mini_skinny_jeans.jpgOne of the greatest media innovations of the 20th century was NY1's morning show, where Pat Kiernan would skim the top stories from the day's newspapers to you on TV.

Which I thought of when I realized the Wall Street Journal got their skinny jeans for toddlers story from watching Stephen Colbert talk about a Baby Gap ad in some parenting magazine.

Who cares where it comes from, though, when a trend piece has such great quotes?

"Babies and toddlers have big bellies, and skinny jeans are not for people with big bellies," says Ms. Lane, a 29-year-old museum marketing director. "But they still work."


"People love trend take-downs," says Mr. [Mark] Breitbard, [EVP, Gap Kids & BabyGap]. "Fashion-right clothes are really adorable the smaller they get."


...said Michelle DeMartini, senior vice president of Old Navy kids and baby design and merchandising. "We sent our teams out to playgrounds, not in a stalking way, but just to kind of watch the consumer," she says.

There's more, too, including whole bits about jean construction, product testing, Elizabeth Holmes, you reported the hell out of the skinny toddler jean piece, my hat goes off to you.

As for us, we found out about this trend the old-fashioned way, by ordering K2 some jeans online, trying them on her, and staring. The only positive thing I have to say about skinny toddler jeans is at least they're not jeggings.

Which, well, just go read the story.

Actually, they do! Do These Jeans Make My Diaper Look Big? [ via dt trend scout rolf]
Actual product name: Mini skinny jeans, sizes 0-3m and up []


I found some Small Paul Frank jeans in 2T at Ross for $5 and I grabbed them.

A few months later I put my son in them. I hadn't realized they were skinny. We got a mixed reaction at the playground.

Uh, pretty sure I recently saw toddler jeggings at Target. Don't count your blessings before they're acid washed!

I don't have that much of a problem from a fashion perspective. I just want my kid to be able to get to the toilet on time. Which is why you will find that tights and leotards are also on my fashion hit list.

in non-mobile format:

My husband bought a few pairs for our 3 yo son at the Zara in downtown DC, not realizing they were skinny. They look cute, and certainly fit in with the overall hipness level of his preschool classmates in Georgetown - but, potty time's a bit of a challenge. Since the jeans were on clearance this past January for ~$5, I'm betting other parents felt the same.

From the time we started 'dressing' my son in things other than cotton creepers, we've been searching for 'skinny' jeans. He's always been 100% for height and ~50% for weight.

Even with a pull-up he was too skinny for regular jeans (or too long for a given waist size), and now that he's well out of them it's a constant struggle to find jeans that fit his tiny waist but are long enough in the legs.

Maybe for this school year the little devil is going to go all emo with skinny girl jeans.

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