August 11, 2010

Prahawesome Crib In A Ramp House


Yes, that is what you think it is: an Ikea Gulliver crib on a little homemade platform on a big old ramp floor in a polyurethane-coated house outside Prague that was built for a psychiatrist who wanted a movie room with theater seating, and basically just kept on going and ramping up the whole place. What'd it look like?

Check out the Times for the full effect, including a close-up photo of the ramp, the crib, the platform with mom, kid, leg braces, and--holy smokes, are those crib bumpers? Sheesh.

A Home on a Slope, With Floors to Match [nytimes]

1 Comment

"If he has an accident, it will be a small accident." Like yanking off his finger ion the screen on the way to what I presume is a concrete floor.

Death Crib for Cutie.

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