August 6, 2010

Cargo Bikes Transform New York Into Family Paradise

I've been meaning to post this ode to the new ideal for city family transportation, the cargo bike, but it's been stuck on my other computer.

No word on how a cargo bike fares with 100-degree heat or 3rd floor walkups--or any kind of parking, for that matter--but I'm sure those niggling details melt away every time your kid waves at the stunned cab drivers you pass by in traffic.

Spokes | Hauling Cargo, No Car Necessary [nyt's spokes blog via dt reader daniel]


or bike theft, or vandalism :((


Been riding a cargo bike (Surly Big Dummy/Xtracycle) for over a year now in DC traffic, much of the time with my two young boys on the back. Since it only has two wheels, the bike is a little different from some of the three-wheeled cargo bikes in the article. However, like any cargo bike, its pretty heavy.

I just got back from a 2+ mile errand at lunch, it's 92 degrees outside and I'm wearing dress clothes (shirt and tie). I didn't have my kids at the time, but the ride was very bearable.

I agree that it's a kid-pleaser (both for my kids as well as others we meet), but you're wrong about the parking.

Unlike driving my kids there with a car, I don't have to worry at all about finding a parking spot close to the destination. You can usually lock it up to a pole right outside the front door.

I wonder how long that lasts when a fleet of Bakfiets is clogging up the sidewalk?

If they become that popular they'll get their own spots. (Japanese bike parking area anyone?)

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