August 4, 2010

Really? Angelo Mangiarotti Plywood Bunk Beds?


They're long gone from Swedish designshop Jacksons, but last year, kiddesignblog Handmade Charlotte posted this awesome, if somewhat treacherous-looking, slot-together plywood bunkbed, and said it was from the 1960s by Angelo Mangiarotti. [Actually they said it's be Angelo Manglarotti, which may be true, since I can't find any info on it in Mangiarotti-land. Mangiarotti, if you'll recall, is the guy who did those chandeliers with the glass loop hooks that all kind of dangle together. He did some nice ply pieces called Cavalletto, but those were mostly book shelves.]

Anyway, when your whole post is in brackets, you probably should wait to figure it out first, but it's August; who'll notice?

1 Comment

Gentlemen, start your CNC machines. I think I'll make mine with a guard rail on the top bunk...

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