August 3, 2010

Welcome To My World

We spent the day in Zion National Park, and we are exhausted. [And wondering if there are any Dutch people left in the Netherlands, but that's a question for another day]

In peak season, you have to take shuttle buses from the visitors center to various trail heads around the park. Which is surprisingly not inconvenient, in fact, it's downright leisurely. K2 really pulled out all the stops, though; that kid would not stop talking the entire trip.

And because the world is hers, and everyone and everything in it exists at her pleasure, she insisted on calling everyone "visitors." "Where is that visitor going?" "Why is that visitor standing up?"

Fortunately her chatter seemed to blend with the recorded description of each stop, becoming part of the ambient English soundscape.


Well... I'm Dutch and in the Netherlands, so yeah, there are some Dutch left in the Netherlands. But true to form, there has been a somewhat large exodus of Dutch due to the holidays...

Love Zion, I'm so jealous!

My memories of Reykjavik are tinted orange; the Dutch footie team was playing the Icelandic team to qualify for the World Cup, and I think we overheard more Dutch than Icelandic.

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